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Accountants are vital to any business, in the construction industry, they are especially significant. Less Not only does LBO handle the typical bookkeeping and payroll functions, LBO has a construction accounting team that processes pay applications, lien waivers and sales tax forms. The team also has extensive experience managing cash flow ensuring that payroll is prioritized and vendor payables are tracked by job and matched with to job receipts appropriately. LBO also has experience tracking time and equipment at the job level to ensure that overhead is properly allocated.

At Less Back Office, we are experienced construction accountants. We recognize that every contract and every project comprises unique circumstances – an approach that makes sense for one project may not make sense for another.

If you are looking for an accountant that truly understands what it is you do and values you as a client, then call Less Back Office in Raleigh, NC to receive more information about our practices.

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